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Hundred 4 Harper & RUN DIPG Partnership


When your child is diagnosed with a disease that has a 0% survival rate and limited life expectancy, you immediately search for ways in which you can prolong their life and cling to hope that your child will be the one who will defy the odds. Although DIPG is considered 'rare', it occurs in 20 Australian children a year. The fact that there have been no advancements in treatment options and patient outcomes in over 40 years is extremely difficult to fathom as a parent.

Tragically, we faced this reality and there wasn't any form of effective treatment, let alone a cure for our beautiful daughter, Harper. Something has to change. For this reason, we are committed to making a difference for other families faced with this reality. 

H4H_Organic shape pink.png
H4H_Organic shape pink.png

RUN DIPG supports families, creates awareness and funds for ground-breaking research specifically for DIPG so it was an easy decision for Hundred 4 Harper to align with  RUN DIPG. We take great comfort in knowing exactly how the funds will be utilised and are confident that the work undertaken by RUN DIPG will ultimately make a difference. 


Matt and his team are rethinking the way DIPG is treated and working on brand-new, cutting edge therapies. He is leading world class research and collaborating with scientists across the globe in a race to find a cure so families like ours, and his are not faced with losing a child to this disease. We know he and his team will find a breakthrough and we are committed to helping in whatever way we can.

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